Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 5, 2015


I am loving the field! Getting better and better at Spanish every day. This week has kind of been a down week.

The people here are so awesome. I love em so much. We were teaching an older guy and our last lesson with him he said, "I will change everything in my life to join this church; this is the church I will die in." The irony is... he died two days later. He had a stroke. ha but I'm at peace with it because he is going to accept everything in the Spirit World. The thing about death here in Guatemala is... it's like a parade thing. The whole city of Patulul went to the funeral, even people who had no idea who he was. It's crazy! Rest in peace, Carlos.

Another funny thing about Guatemala is that the guys are sooo dependent on their gals. We went to go talk to some recent converts who were having trouble with money. The husband was the only one there with his kids. He was carving a life-size wooden doll with his machete..... I kid you not. He said his wife left to work and he was mad about this.  His words: "How am I supposed to eat? Are my kids just going to starve?! I can't just go get tortillas from another women!! And all my clothes are dirty!! Am I supposed to wash them in the river?!" He went on a rant for literally 10 minutes. and the whole time i just thought... you are carving a life size doll out of wood with a machete, bro!!! Go do something else! Literally anything else! haha 

I never get any sleep. We are so busy all the time there is no time too sleep. Haven't woken up at 630 since the MTC. It's crazy thinking how often i slept back home. Not going to sleep for 2 years. Elder Hintze just tells me all the time,  "After 22 months, you would not believe how tired I am"  haha I have also been losing weight. I've lost over 25 pounds!! ha It's really sad! But it's fine; it's so hot here that Ii cant help it. I don't know if this is a thing in other missions but we don't have dinner. It's wired thinking that once i used to sit down and eat dinner. Now we just work our buts off. 

Well, sorry for the lame email! 

Elder Buhrley!

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