Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This week has been crazy! 

My companion (Elder Hintze) and I didn't know if we were going to stay together for another change... BUT WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love him like crazy and I get the honors of killing him (last companion on the mission). He has 6 weeks left and he has told me, "I'm going to kill you for these next 6 weeks, and then you can kill me."  haha so pumped! Get ready for a lot of baptism pics!

Speaking of baptism.. We have been baptizing! Marlon (Gran Pescado) Sandavol! He wears a Tony Romo jersey to church every week. The kid is awesome but really stubborn. ha but we sent him in that water and it was soo great!

We had the sweetest miracle this week. We were in an area that we take a truck to. We had a meeting with some recent converts and they were having some legit problems so we spent a little while at their house. When we finished it was dark and the trucks weren't running anymore ( Everyone in Guatemala goes to bed at 7). We start walking back the few miles that it would take to get back to our city. It was pitch dark and really sketchy and some members told us to never go back in the dark.. but we kind of had to in this situation. We said a prayer for safety and starting running back to Patulul. We passed a biker and the biker flipped a U and that usually means something not good in Guatemala. We thought we were going to get robbed. But the biker was a friend of ours who worked construction by our house and we always hook him up with candy. so he comes to us and says, "There are some guys up here who will jump people and rob them, but they know me and won't do anything if you guys are with me, so I will walk you guys back to the city." It was soo tight. We walked back to the city completely safe. It was so tight. I know we are being blessing and watched over for being exactly obedient. I feel the administering of Angels. MOM AND DAD, GUATEMALA IS SAFE, DON'T WORRY. 

I am absolutely loving my mission. It's a true blessing to be here and I thank you all for the support. I feel your love and support everyday. Thanks!

Elder Buhrley

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