Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015

HEYY!!! I'm using a terrible computer and it won't let me add a subject line.. haha Gautemala.

This week was awesome! I received Elder Giron. He is awesome. He has 15 months so it's awesome to work with someone who knows a few things. He is a complete stud and likes to work hard!

Man this week was crazy. We have 2 baptisms for this Sunday. We baptize Sunday because our investigators need 3 attendances to be baptized. So we do it after church the 3rd attendance. Get 'em in the water as soon as possible! 

We have been working really diligently this week and it's such a blessing! We are obedient and diligent and it allows us to bring the Spirit in such a powerful way. We really just have to bear our testimony with all our hearts and teach a little about baptism and our investigators accept to be baptized with a date. We have a goal to do a baptismal challenge with a date with all of our new investigators and we are seeing miracles. We have been making a lot of promises to God and we are keeping our part and he is pushing us where he wants us to go. 

I am coming to really understand a lot about the Holy Ghost. His job is to testify and confirm the truth. My companion and I are really just trying to focus on how to invite him as powerfully as possible into our lessons. Our testimony is based on a confirmation of the holy ghost. We can't describe how we know that God lives and how he loves us. We know it because the Holy Ghost has told us. We feel it. We need to really feel the gospel more. Because really it's a feeling. We need to spend our time enjoying the gospel more often. We sometimes get hung up on doctrinal stuff, but really, the gospel is not something to be understood perfectly in this life. Pay attention to your feelings more often, listen to the Holy Ghost, invite him into your life. He comes when called, but stays when appreciated. I love that saying. 


Elder Buhrley

P.S. This past Sunday was voting day. So... That was crazy. People are so stupid here about politics. So many people bombed the police station and stupid riots because their guy didn't win. I am really understanding why there are so many stupid soccer riots here. The people just want to riot.

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