Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 15, 2015

Hi All!

This week was a good one! We had two baptisms planed for this last Sunday but only had one... The devil is working on Daniel. His wife just had their first baby and he is stressed out with money thoughts so he started working Sundays. But we are going to have a spiritually overwhelming lesson with him and he will change his mind:)

Perla got baptized! It was awesome! She reminds me of Gabi Isrealson so I'm always joking and teasing with her. The baptism was a  great experience and she chose me to do the honors and dunking her. Her foot came up so we did it twice. Afterwards she was like, "Two times?!" and I told her, "Don't blame me! You had so many sins that I had to dunk you twice." haha She is funny.

This last week has been a good one. We are receiving a ton of help from the members here and it's a great privilege to be here with them. I love my companion. We are complete opposites but we both love mission work so we are getting along. We both know how to get over the problems that we face in a healthy way and it makes all the difference.

I am really understanding the Holy Ghost. I talk about him almost every week, but that is because he really is everything in my life. Without the Holy Ghost a missionary is nothing. There were a lot of times this week were I stopped and listened to what he was telling me and we saw miracles because of it. We found this teenager (Mario) in our area book and we went searching for a couple of hours the other day to find him and just as we were leaving I left that I just yelled at a teenager who wasn't really close to us. I just yelled, "What's your name?" And he yelled back, "Mario". So we got to place a day to meet with him and he is was positive. It's just simple stories like that but these are the stories that build my testimony.


Elder Buhrley

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