Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

 Hi All,

I am staying in Antigua for at least 6 weeks more! That's going to be great because we have some great investigators! I will still be with Elder Sorto so we are excited! 

We baptized Marcos, Monica and Flor! It was great to see them get baptized! Marcos and Monica started crying after their baptism and it was a sweet moment. 
It was so great to see the family this last Sunday! I feel so bad because the connection was bad and I was in a noisy room and couldn't hear anything! But nonetheless, it was just so great to see them. I love my family! I give thanks to God for putting me with them! 

We just had zone training and my companion and I got to share some good stuff. We shared a lot about covenants. God is a God of covenants. We make covenants in the temple and through baptism but we can also make promises, or covenants with Him in our daily lives. God is always giving us revelation in our lives, whether we notice it or not. We always receive thoughts or feelings that we should do something, like maybe read the scriptures more or pray more. But we just rub off that feeling and keep going in our lives. 

President Duncan (a 70) told us the other day that every one of these revelations, thoughts, and feelings, are a commandment from God. He is telling us these things that we may follow them to be blessed and happy. When we notice a revelation, we can make a promise with God that we will follow it and He will bless us more. 

¨God I promise and covenant with you that I will do my homework the day that I receive it, and I know that thou will help me with my studies.¨ My companion and I have been making these promises with God and we have seen so many miracles. ¨God we promise that we will contact 15 families every day, please lead us to a family that though hast prepared.¨ We are seeing a lot of miracles. I invite you all to think about the little or big things in your life you can promise to God you will doI know you will see miracles!

I love you all! 

Here are some pics of the wedding and baptism! 

Elder Buhrley

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