Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

The mission is going great! We are seeing a ton of miracles and its a lot of fun to preach the gospel! 

My companion with Hyro, Milton and Jazmine
Well I really don't know what to write! We are just working with some great people right now. We are working with a ton of part member families and referrals from members! We have a guy named Milton who lives with his girlfriend whose name is Jazmine. They are soo awesome. We are just the best of buds. Milton is from Nicaragua so he has to get his cousin to take his papers out for him and send them here to Guatemala so we can marry Milton and Jazmine and get them baptized! Jazmine was baptized when she was younger with her family but are now inactive. Its been fun reactivating them! Jazmines brother, Hyro, is a stud. He is 19 and was also living with his girlfriend but ever since we started teaching them he has stopping smoking and drinking and now he is kicking his girlfriend out so he can follow the commandments so he can serve a mission. We have had an incredible time teaching them! 

We are also teaching Martin. He is married to Anna, a lady Elder Guzman and I baptized. Martin hadn't been able to go to church because he had been working Sundays but he talked to his boss and in the end left his job to be able to go to church with us. The first Sunday that he went was a stake conference. After the conference we went to visit him and he looked at us and said, 'That was soo much more than I could have ever hoped for.' He is progressing incredibly fast! When we asked him, 'Martin, when do you want to be clean of your sins?' He responded, 'I want to get baptized as soon as possible.' haha he is awesome! 
We are working some more great people who we are trying to close the deal with right now! With faith I will send you baptismal pics this next Tuesday! 

I love you all! Thanks for all the help. I know that the Gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ atoned of our sins. It's something personal. There are two things we can do, learn about our Savior, or learn how to become like our Savior. The one takes place in our minds, and the other takes place in our soul. 
That's all I have to say! haha I love you guys! Keep pushing yourselves to be the best you can be!

peach trees!
Elder Buhrley

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