Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 12, 2016

This week was a lot of fun and Elder Garcia and I are seeing a lot of success in our area! We are way excited for the future and the investigators that we have right now!

We baptized Gladis! It was the best baptism because she was just so happy to be baptized. She had listened to the Elders for a long time and Elder Garcia and I were the fortunate ones to be able to witness her baptize. The last lesson we had with her was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had and a few days later she called us telling us that she was going to be baptized Wednesday. WE WERE PUMPED!

We are teaching the craziest but best family right now. Angel and Debora Andino. Angel is from the Bronx New York and Debora is mute, can't talk or hear. Angel can speak more or less Spanish so I'[ve had a lot of opportunity to teach him in English. IT'S SO HARD TO TEACH THE GOSPEL IN ENGLISH! I've gotten so used to teaching in Spanish that teaching in English is just so new and almost uncomfortable. When I am speaking in English I feel like I am in my training again. haha Angel also has never been taught about Christ. In Guatemala every single person has grown up with a religion and knows quite a bit about Christ so it's been something so different teaching Angel in English and teaching someone who doesn't have a good knowledge of Christ. I'm also learning a lot of sign language from Debora. We have a member who can speak a little bit of sign language so we are utilizing her like crazy! They both went to church this last Sunday and felt good there so we are excited for them!

Jesus Christ lives. He came to the world to pay for our sins. He stood in the place of justice for us. He is my Savior. It's something personal. I love Him with all that I have and that's why I am here on the mission. I came thinking I would change others to come to Christ and I have, but what I have found in the process is that I am the one who has changed the most. 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Buhrley 

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