Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 14, 2015

Sooooo.. HEY! Sorry I didn't write last week it was a bit crazy!

We baptized! Alex Hernandez got baptized! He is such a stud! The rest of the family was going to get baptized but they drank coffee.... SO DUMB! There was a day here were there was a lot of wind and there house completely collapsed. And the only thing that they had to drink was coffee.. But Alex (dad) denied the coffee and was baptized! We are going to rebuild their house this week so that will be fun!

The mission is going great! Congrats to my boy Matthew Caleb Criddle for completing a year!!!!!!! SO CRAZY!

I really don't have much to say. We just work like dogs. My companion and I are dying. I fall asleep during planning and lessons all the time. We have been waking up at 5 to get some more work done during the day and we both hit the wall the other day. Ha, so we are going to wake up at 6 for this week. I also ran a hole through one of my shoes. But I love it! It's like football at times when we are running up a mountain and we are sweating our guts out to make it to an appointment on time.

A lot of our investigators are progressing but not as fast as we would have hoped. It's really hard to get people to church. It gets frustrating at times but we are working our hardest and I know the lord is helping us.

So... We have changes here in a week. That should be interesting.

I'm learning a lot about patience. Just remember that God requires patience to test your validity. He wants you to be valiant in all times. He will push you to the edge so that you can be strengthened. So be patient and long suffering.

Endure it well. Love you all!!!

Elder Buhrley

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