Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015


This week was another week in the mission! I'm learning so much here in the mission! I'M LOVIN' IT:)

So we got rejected this week again. To start this week I told my companion we were going to give everything this week. We gave everything that we had. I've never worked harder in my whole life. We sacrificed everything. To our dismay, we still got rejected. It's really easy to get down when you are getting rejected the way that we are getting rejected. At times I wanted to break. Thursday we woke up at 4, skipped lunch, ran to every house, and still couldn't find anyone,  And then that night, after getting rejected by the whole city of Palin, we showed up at a church meeting and the Relief Society President just started going off on us.  I've learned a lot about humility here on the mission. Getting criticized by an old lady who had no right or just cause to give us any criticism after my companion and I just pushed ourselves to the limit the whole week really made me notice that I have grown here. I love the mission.

God has been pushing my companion and me. We are being put through a fire. We studied suffering, affliction and patience in one of our studies. My companion and I have really been putting our minds on suffering with patience that we may see miracles. The sons of Mosiah baptized thousands because they suffered with patience, Alma 26. My companion and I are taking this time to purify ourselves. Its been so great. I feel the power of the atonement in my life. I am leaning on it right now. We are getting rejected but my companion and I are still dancing in the street. I love the mission.  

After getting rejected all week we had 9 investigators in the church this Sunday. It felt soo good!!

I don't want to sound sad because I'm not. I am loving the mission. Other stuff that's going on is that we received a mini-missionary! So not only am I teaching my companion a lot I am basically training a missionary! So... it's going to be fun! 

Elder Duran and I are trying to get skinny before Christmas! We are only buying good stuff. A papaya is only a dollar here. We bought all this fruit in the pic for like 8 dollars!

I love the food here. We ate armadillo the other day. (shelled animal, I don't know how to spell) and we ate rabbit too. It's sooooo good. A member is going to make iguana for us. The food is so crazy but so good.  
Well.. that was my email... 

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Elder Buhrley

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