Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015


First off, I will be writing Monday this next week because we are going to the Temple Tuesday! So send emails Sunday night! 

This week has been solid! We baptized! Elda Vargas was baptized and nothing has ever felt soooo good! I got to baptize her and it was awesome.
Something that happened yesterday was that it was the day of the devil. It was really weird. Everyone bought big devil dolls and lit them on fire at 6 o'clock. I felt like I was walking through a military war zone at 6. Everyone was firing off fireworks and lighting everything on fire and were even shooting guns. They celebrate it to kill the inner devil but really it's just an excuse to destroy everything for nothing. ha
This week our ward actually did their home teaching. Normally our attendance is 70 but this week it was 178. Dang its crazy. In the mission I have seen so many go to church from just one visit. I honestly believe it's really hard to baptize in this area because God doesn't have trust that the ward will be able to keep these people who we are baptizing. We upped the attendance and we were able to baptize. I don't believe that was a coincidence.
Dang, teaching with a trio is soooo hard! Our mini-missionary is really shy to just come out and say something! It's okay though. We are doing good here in Palin.

With much love,
Elder Buhrley

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