Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 14. 2015

Hey everyone! 

I can't believe i'ts almost Christmas! My companions and I are so pumped! I really need to write out a plan before I write you guys because I forget everything that has happened in the week!

We are going to the temple tomorrow so that is AWESOME! I love the temple! Something else is that we had 4 people who we are preparing to be baptized this Sunday! Petrona, Olga, Ventura, and Sonia! All are like 50 year old women but I'll take it! I love them all soo much! They have changed their lives so much since I have come to know them and it feels so good to be able to see them taking the step of baptism! 

Our mission president, President Markham, came to our church this last Sunday and it was awesome! I teach the Gospel Principles class because our members are terrible with their callings and our Gospel Principles teacher told us one time that she doesn't like to do it so she won't do it... So I give the classes and I taught my mission president about faith in Jesus Christ. haha 

I absolutely love the gospel. I have experienced a real change in my heart while I have been here on the mission. I am so grateful to be here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love the mission. I love the Atonement that Christ suffered for all of us. It really is something personal. I have come to know of it, and have come to know my Savior while I have been here. I invite all of you to study to Atonement. It's really something that you can apply into your life. You will find more love for life and happiness when you come to understand and apply the Atonement. I invite you all to look and search for the happiness and peace that only our Savior can provide.  He suffered all of your sins, sicknesses, pains, and afflictions. HE ALREADY SUFFERED IT ALL. He is now ready to help. He is asking us to put our confidence in him, and he will carry us. He will support us. I know and testify that the Atonement was paid. It was paid that we may enjoy this life, because really we are meant to enjoy it. Pray, Repent, Study the Scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon), Go to Church and take the sacrament and think about what the sacrament really means, Choose the right, and share the light of the Gospel with all that will hear you or who can see you. You will see miracles in your life and be much happier. 

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Thanks for all the help and support that you give me!
"Volcanoes are pretty awesome.  Earthquakes are awesome too."

Packer Wilkes!

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