Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 6, 2015

 This week has been a good one! I really feel like I'm just going to say things that I have said before. but here we go!

We have a lot of people who are progressing! It's such a blessing! This Thursday we had lessons with 3 people in a row who had received an answer from God that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. That means that there will be baptisms here shortly! I loved how Alba, an investigator, explained it. She said, "It was a feeling that I have never felt before, but it felt so familiar to me. I loved it, I cried. I really want to go to church."  It's the best seeing these people, my friends, receive a spiritual witness that this is true! I love it so much!

We also got to do my favorite type of service a lot this week, CHOP WOOD! haha We chopped a whole lot of wood. I am getting real good. ;) 

Conference was in Spanish! Gosh it's so hard to understand! The apostles are always talking in phrases and words that don't translate well to Spanish! They use words I have never heard! haha but it was awesome. It's just not the same as in English, but it was a really spiritual experience and I loved it!

We have changes here on the 14th. I have a good feeling that I will be leaving, but who knows! If I leave it will be really sad because I'll  be leaving so many baptisms! and I love the members here. The mission is a blast. I'm getting refined and purified everyday and it feels so good.

EVERYONE! Push yourselves into positions where you feel awkward! You will grow! God pushes us so that we can grow, and it feels weird and we don't want to do it but its for our good! The diamond is made through pressure, and sometimes we got to push ourselves to have this pressure! 

I love you guys. Thanks for everything!

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