Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

Hi All!
I'm staying in Palin for another change! My companion is leaving.. That's going to suck. I love him a lot. He is a stud. He likes to work hard and that's something special! 

This last week was a week of miracles. Elder Giron and I have been working really hard in our area and we haven't had all that many baptisms. We just took pride in the fact that we were planting a ton of seeds for the near future. Until Thursday we didn't have plans of baptizing anyone this Sunday. We passed by Karla, who is a 9 yr old who has more than enough attendances. We began teaching her and the mom asked us, "Can she be baptized this Sunday?" We haven't even started the 5 steps! So we taught her a little and she was baptized this past Sunday. 

Then we were having our meeting with our ward mission leader and his nephew walks in. His nephew (12yrs old) has more than enough attendances and was almost baptized before but for some reason just didn't follow through with it. Elder Diaz (District leader) playfully started asking him interview questions, and this kid was responding perfectly. He had had a spiritual experience earlier that day and after talking for a little bit with him he decided that he wanted to get baptized the following day. WOW, IT WAS INCREDIBLE. God really threw us a bone because of the work that we have been doing! 
This week was awesome. We had a family attend church and they fit in like they were members. They told us they felt great in the church and I'm so excited to pass by today to teach them something new.

Story! So this past week Elder Giron and I went to go eat lunch and when we were about the enter into the house one of our recent converts (Irma) walked out or her house (neighbor) and she was crying. I asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she just pointed to her car. Her mother, another recent convert, was lying in the front seat. Her mom has been sick for a long time and was absolutely dead asleep in the front seat. Irma asked if I could carry her in the house. As missionaries we can't carry people so I called President Markham and he said, DO IT. ha So I took her in my arms and carried her a little ways into the house on to a bed. We gave Irma some words of comfort and left. Not 10 minutes later the members where we were eating told us that the mother of Irma died. Soo crazy! I carried a practically dead woman in my arms! Only in Guatemala.
I already wrote a ton so I wont add a spiritual thought. ha Love you all so much!!!

Elder Buhrley

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