Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 9, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Wow! This year will be the only year in my whole life that I won't be able to watch the Superbowl and the Broncos won!!!! Dang that sucks but at the same time is soo awesome! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, now on to the good stuff;)

We had a really good week. We are really pushing ourselves really hard. I am loving the mission. We are finding some really awesome people and we are helping the people who we have already found progress. It's a bit crazy but it's all good! I'm getting really good at organizing things.

We have an investigator names Suceli. She has been listening to us and we have had some really spiritual lessons with her. We have talked to her about baptism but she hasn't wanted to do it. We just invited her to pray to God and ask if she should get baptized the 14th. The next visit her uncle was there and he had some questions so we answered them and shared the restoration and he is crazy positive. When we were leaving Suceli told us. well, I prayed.. and my companion and I at the same time, "What did God say?!" 

And she just told us,  "Well, I'm getting baptized the 14th, what do I need to do?" haha I love it when investigators receive answers!!!

We have transfers the 16th of this month. President Markham already told me that my companion and I have changes but we don't know who is leaving or who is staying. ha President loves to mess with our heads. I really hope I stay but it's all good whatever happens.

These are the standards of the Guatemala City Central Mission

1-Obedience with exactness
2-Diligence in all things
3-Honesty (DON'T LIE, DON'T LIE, DON'T LIE) 

It's something that I know has helped me during my mission to closer myself to God. I'ts simple, but sometimes we forget to do the simple things. Like being obedient to the commandments of our Father who is in Heaven. Like being actively engaged in a good cause. Diligence in our church callings and not waiting for someone to tell us to do something good. D&C 107:99-100. Like being an honest person and someone that the Lord can trust. Knowing to put Him first.

The small things are the things that make the difference in our lives. Its the small things that bring about the big. Alma 37:6
I love you guys! I hope everything is going well! GO BRONCOS!

Elder Buhrley

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