Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 22, 2016

Hi All!

I'm in Chimaltenango! I went even further in the mountains of Guatemala! I am so pumped for my new area and new zone! I am with Elder Garcia who is a complete stud! We get along soo well already. I am really excited for this change! 

It was way hard leaving everyone in Antigua! I love them all so much! I left a bunch of baptisms there so I feel at peace about leaving.

This last week was really crazy but full of experiences that I will never forget. This last week Elder Sorto and I were looking for a house in San Lucas and we found a house that was honestly a really nice house and Elder Sorto wanted to close the deal on it but I didn't feel right about it. I didn't know why but the spirit was telling me no. I thought, well maybe there is a sexual predator that lives by or maybe someone did demonic in this house before, but at the conclusion I just told Elder Sorto that I didn't feel good about it and he was really upset with me but we left the house and kept looking for houses. Not even 15 minutes later Elder Sorto and I were walking down a street and heard a lady screaming. We looked over and saw a guy over a lady in the street with a car parked off to the side.

The lady got out of the hands of the man and yelled at us and ran to us. The guy quickly got into his car and drove away. We thought that maybe it was a typical abusive relationship fights but when we started to talk with this young lady who was in tears she told us that she was just walking and a guy got out of his car and tried to kidnap her. I imagine that his plans were to kidnap, rape, kill and drop the body in a place were no one could find it. She was a member of the church, less active, and Elder Sorto and I were able to give her the words that could heal and help her in this moment. We walked her home and the next day she went to church. Elder Sorto and I went back to that house that I hadn't felt good about and this time I felt good about it and we closed the deal on the house. I have no idea what would have happened if Elder Sorto and I weren't there for this young lady but I am just happy I was able to follow the Spirit. I may not understand God's plans always but when I am following the Spirit everything just seems to work out perfectly. 

I love the Spirit. Here in the mission I have really come to hear and understand the voice of the Holy Ghost. He is a being without a body of flesh and bone. His purpose to help us. He is a perfect gentleman. He comes when called and leaves when we don't respect or listen to Him. Look and listen to His guidance in your life and I promise you that you will see that God is a lot more active in your life than you think. 

I love you all! Thanks for all the support! Keep being the great people that I know that you are! 

Elder Buhrley 

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