Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This week was a ton of fun! Elder Garcia is such a great companion and we are already teaching great together. The zone is awesome and it feels good to be here:) 

The work is going really well in Chimaltenango and if all things go well we should be baptizing this weekend. We are working with some great people and it's a blast to teach the gospel to these chosen people!

I've now got a gym in my area. Elder Garcia and I are starting to go and for the first time in 16 months I entered a gym the other day. I am really hoping to shred some of these lb's that I've gained from all the deep fried food that I've eaten in Guatemala!

We receive a lot of help from the members here in my new area. It's so great to work with members because the investigators progress so much faster! All of us in the church are missionaries, and a lot of you may feel scared to share the gospel with others but don't worry! The best member missionary is an example of the believers. 

My companion and I are looking for new investigators in the areas where the members live. The first question I like to ask is, How are the family "gonzalez"? And then they for the most part respond that they are good and they have a strong family and stuff like that and then I can just testify that they too can have these things if they follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. When someone can see a good example it always makes them want to be better. We are all called by Christ to be a light to the world. Don't hide that light. Let it shine and touch other people. Let your example work wonders in the lives of the people who live around you. Be a true follower of Christ, and live the Gospel. 

I love you guys! Thanks for all the help and support! ENJOY THE SUMMER! 

Elder Buhrley 

Here's a foto of Elder Wilkes and me in one of
the few GNC's that exist here haha

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