Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 16, 2016

Well, this past week was a good one!

We baptized the Familia Petzey! It was so special and I;m very grateful. Their baptism was different from any other baptism I have ever had. We had a great turnout in the baptismal service with a lot of members who were there to support the family. During the baptismal service the father, Mario, asked me if he could say a few words. He stood up and gave thanks to everyone there and then started to share his testimony.

When we found him he was struggling with an addiction to alcohol and he shared the great change that he has seen in himself. He bore a very sweet and sincere testimony. At the end of his testimony his sister got up, who is not a member, and she bore a testimony of the big change she has seen in her brother and the love that she had felt in the church. Then the mom of Mario got up, who also isn't a member and shared some of the same feelings. It was such a sweet spirit that was there. Then after the baptism a family of members gave Mario's family dinner and it was so nice to see the ward supporting new members and their families! Now Mario's family, sisters, parents and all are going to go to church this Sunday, even though they had been going to other churches.

Well, my spiritual thought will be about something I saw in the street the other day. My companion and I were walking in the street just like always and we passed by a busy part where there are a lot of people selling things in the street. As we were walking by, something caught my eye. There was an elderly man without a leg sitting on the ground begging for money. Another elderly man who was blind also had his tin can out begging for money and passed the first beggar. The first beggar propped himself up off the ground with his cane and took out of his tin can half of his coins, being 2 coins, and gave it to the blind beggar walking by.

That image is burned in my brain and its something I don't think I'll be able to forget. There is a lot of symbolism there. The first beggar gave the second beggar half of what he had, and when we passed it was about mid day, so practically the first beggar gave away half of the tortillas that he was about to eat. Or in other words, the first beggar was going to have to suffer hunger. And the second part, he gave it away without looking to receive anything in return. He gave it away to the blind man who had no idea where it came from. How sweet was that sight of charity. Charity truly is the greatest of all.

I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and support!

Elder Buhrley

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