Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 9, 2016

Well! Hey! 

I had a lot of fun this last week! We worked really hard and were able to see a ton of miracles! We are really excited about the investigators that we have!

La Familia Petsey"  hey are a family of 6 who are just awesome. They are the cutest young family ever! ha!  We had the coolest lesson with them the other day. They have gone to church 3 times and we have put their baptism date for the 14th but they hadn't accepted it yet. Sunday night we visited them with a member and we started off with the normal, "How's your reading? How did you feel in church?" All that jazz. Then I just told them about the 14th and reminded them that that is the day that we are preparing them to get baptized. 
Then Elder Garcia just told them, by the end of this lesson, "I promise you that you will have to desire to be baptized this day." We started and it was so spiritual! The member gave the perfect heartfelt testimony. The father of the family, Mario, opened up and shared all of his feelings and his true desire to change and follow Christ. The family at the end of the lesson told us that they want to invite their family to their baptism this 14th! haha. It was awesome! We are baptizing this Sunday! 

On the sadder side, one of our investigators who was progressing, soooooo... well died... That guy was a stud. RIP Juan Hernandez. I'm sure he accepted the gospel in the Spirit World!

I really love the mission. It's so much fun to help people come to Christ. It's not easy and it's not meant to be easy, but at the same time it's worth it. Christ really does love us all perfectly and personally. He paid the consequence of the justice for us and now puts His hand out to give us mercy. The Atonement is sufficient. The Atonement is personal. The Atonement is applicable. Apply it in your lives. Mosiah 5:13. To know Christ you need to serve Him. He needs to be engraven in your thoughts like you are engraven in His palms. 

I love you guys! Thanks for all the help and prayers! 

Elder Buhrley

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