Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015

Fam, Friends,

This week was crazy but so much fun! There was a missionary in our district who got sick and had to go home so we received his companion, Elder Majano! We were in the MTC together so it's way cool to be companions with him! It's been really fun. I thought being a trio would be really hard to manage time but really we are all humble and give each other time to talk. I love my companions! The thing is, we received all of his old area. So we are covering an area of roughly 3 hours, so its been hectic trying to cover it all.

Here in Palin we have a lot of love from the members. Meaning, we don't go a lunch without receiving food. It's such a blessing! In my old area we had to pay every meal so its nice to have a few more quetzales in the pocket. My companions and I are getting a little chubby. But it's chubby from love of the members.. haha 

We are really trying to find people. Man it's hard! We knock doors like crazy but all we find are goats,  people who don't want anything. I have changed my teaching methods a lot as of late. We are trying to change things and work in different areas, there are people ready, we just need to find em!

In my old area a few weeks before I left my companion and I were walking and a drunk who was kind of sober stopped us and told us to pass by his house because he wanted to follow god and stop drinking. He has been a drunk for more than 40 years and the doctor told him he would die if he didn't stop immediately. We passed by his house and shared something with him and I felt something deep. The spirit slapped me and told me this man could change. So passed by a few days later and he was drunk, then another few days later and he was drunk again. And I never really got to see how he was doing before I left. Anyways we had a meeting this past week and my ex companion told me that he was getting baptized this week and hasn't drunk in over 3 weeks! I'm so pumped for Josue! I knew he could do it! I know that this Gospel is the power to change. I am so grateful for the atonement. We really have this incredible opportunity to change our lives and follow God because Jesus Christ did what he did. I love my redeemer. I know he lives. I know that no matter how bad of a problem we may have we can change and overcome it. 

One thing I have come to learn on the mission is the power of studying. I really do love studying now. I don't know if it is because I'm studying things I like or because it's stuff I will actually use in my day. Knowledge is power. People here don't study and they don't go anywhere. It's really humbling to see the things I see everyday. Money is important, a little.

I am loving the mission! It really is something incredible that I can't put into words. Just know that I love you all! I think about you guys every night and pray for you all.  Thanks everyone for all the support! 

Here are some pics, one from my house, we can see 4 volcanoes from our front door, and a pic of Elder Aguirre

Until next week! Elder Buhrley

Guatemalan rash (chikungunya)

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