Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 25, 2015

Hello everyone!
Pic of my all Latino district. I love my Latinos! 

This week has been a wonderful week of... rejection! We spent the whole week looking for new investigators and didn't find hardly any! Its so rough! We did divisions with the members, which means that my companion worked with a member and I worked with a member separately. We do it to cover more ground and knock on more doors. I'm in a trio so all three of us were with members. I worked with this member for a solid 10 hours knocking doors.. we didn't find anyone. We only had one lesson, and during this lesson I had to grab this member and leave because the lady we were teaching was crazy. My companion and I met up and he only had one lesson also. I knocked on so many doors and was talking to everyone and got rejected like crazy! Rejection is wonderful. haha We are going to find a lot of miracles this week. that's the way the Lord works:  he wants to push us through the hard times so we can be worthy for the good times. I'm excited to see what this week has to offer.

So I told you guys that Russel M Nelson was coming right? So to add to the rejection that I have already been experiencing, he isn't coming anymore! He is going to El Salvador! I was so pumped to see him!

Its all good though! We have a great investigator who should be getting baptized this Sunday,  Katerine Boisue. She needs to get married so we will be marrying her and then baptizing her this Sunday. So we are going to have a wedding this Saturday! Those are always fun. She prayed to see if the Book of Mormon was true and she said that she heard a voice. I've never heard a voice. Guatemalans are so cool.

We have another investigator who will be getting baptized in these upcoming weeks. Her name is Aura Garcia. During our first visit with her I just felt like I knew her. It's the weirdest feeling. I was preaching the good word but I was thinking at all. My mouth was just moving. I looked into her eyes and I had a weird, like spiritual, experience where I saw myself perfectly. So in that moment I challenged her for baptism and she accepted. She is so awesome. She prayed to see if Joseph Smith was a prophet and she said that she just felt great after her prayer. I love it when my investigators tell me that they have received confirmation from the Holy Ghost! Her husband also wants to listen to us but he has been really sick. I feel really good about this family. I'm so pumped! 

Thanks everyone for all the support! I truly am so blessed to have you guys in my life. I love you all individually! Look for opportunities to do mission work! If you pray you will receive. Pray always and read the Book of Mormon everyday. You will receive blessings if you do that!

Elder Buhrley

pic of my all Latino district. I love my Latinos! 

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