Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 13, 2016

Hi All,

This week has been so crazy! San Vicente Pacaya is easily the craziest area I have ever been! We have 1 member and she is borderline crazy!  Here in San Vicente just about all are Catholics. They are Catholics by tradition. They do everything because that's the way that their parents and grandparents did it. Trying to invite them to change is just a concept that makes no sense to them. They are so closed off, blind, and hard hearted. It's been a ton of fun though because we have been seeing a lot of miracles!! We are really getting good at using the gift of discernment and parting the sheep from the goats!

The biggest miracle that we had this last week was with an investigator named Enrique. Elder Griffen and I fasted to find a family to baptize and during this fast we went to go and knock some doors (not much more to do when you are opening an area and there is only 1 member in your area). We wern't having much success until we saw a lady in front of her house so we started talking and she went inside of her house to get her husband. Her husband came outside and let us in with a warm welcome. He said that he had been waiting for us. Apparently he talked to missionaries last week and gave them his dats and everything and he was excited to see us in his house. He went on to tell us that he is "Catholic" but doesn't want to be. He said that he didn't feel good there. We shared the first lesson and he was all ears. The second visit we passed by and he read the whole pamphlet after we left his house that night and then after that he couldn't sleep for many hours that night. He said he couldn't get all of the thoughts out of his mind. He felt something that he had never felt and he said that it was leaving him uneasy to sleep. In this lesson Elder Griffin and I were able to testify about the Holy Ghost and then teach him about the Book of Mormon. He is pumped to read that book! He and his wife are both really excited to come to church this Sunday! We have got to get them married and baptized which will be a blast! I love weddings! haha that will be no problem!
One thing that President Markham has taught me is that Satan doesn't need to make us kill someone in order to "win". He doesn't need a missionary to go and break the law of chastity in order to "win". All he needs to do is distract us. If he can distract us from our overall purpose, he has won. If he can get a missionary to think about his house all the time, he has won. Or if he can get a missionary to think about being friends with everyone instead of inviting them to come to Christ, he has won. Now with seeing all of these churches in Guatemala, and there are hundreds in every city, I feel that saying to be completely true. Satan doesn't need to make us kill, he just needs to distract us and that is sufficient. 

I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true and living church on the earth today. I testify that it is the Kingdom of God here on earth. I testify that through and only through this Church we can meet the measure of our creation. I share the testimony of Nephi when he stated that there are only two churches:  the Church of the Lamb and the church of the devil. Satan is having success here in Guatemala distracting and luring many of the people in false traditions and worldly attractions. Elder Griffen and I will be at work trying to save every last one of them that we can! It's a great work to be done!
I love my savior Jesus Christ. I love representing Him and helping people come unto to him.

It's not a sacrifice, but the biggest privilege that I have ever been given. :)
Love you guys! 

Elder Buhrley