Thursday, December 8, 2016

November 29, 2016

Hey everyone!

This last week was a blast! We had a wedding and 6 baptisms! 

Rene and Iris got married! It was the best! They both started crying and they were sooo happy! After their wedding Iris got baptized! Rene was baptized when he was young but has been inactive for years. They are soo happy! They asked if I could come down in one year to their temple sealing.. I guess we will just have to see right? ha 

We baptized Anita and the kids of the Familia Barahona! They are all so awesome! I felt really bad for Mario and Ivón (the parents) because they cant get baptized because Ivón is married to someone else and they are still waiting on the long divorce process. I love those guys so much. Mario and Ivón asked us if they were to be separated they could get baptized. We told them no because Christ doesn't want a family to be broken up but it was so humbling to see what they were willing to do to be baptized. I love those guys so much! Anita is a friend of some members and she is soo great! She lost her job because her boss said if she got baptized she couldn't work over there anymore but she had enough faith to tell her boss she didn't care and got baptized anyway! It was a special weekend. 

I got changed! I am now in La Eterna Primavera (Forever Spring). I am with Elder Donoso and I am finishing his last week of his training. I got here yesterday but I am only going to be here for a week because this next week I will be opening an area! I will be working in a place where missionaries have never step foot!! I will be training a brand new missionary and we are going to have a blast!
I testify that Jesus Christ lives. His atonement is infinite. I know that God loves every singe one of us. I read something the other day by Bruce R McConkie and he said "Revelation is the building block of faith." As we receive revelation in our lives we are growing our faith. We are coming to know our Father in heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. The most powerful book on this planet. If it wasn't for that book I wouldn't be here on my mission. It has taught me as no other book has been able to teach me that Christ lives and what I need to do in order to know Him. The Book of Mormon teaches us the mysteries of God. Its a book of revelations and every time you read it I promise you that you will grow your faith in Christ. 

I love you guys! Thanks for all the support! 

Elder Buhrley  

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