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November 5, 2016


Well I have a few minutes so ill shoot ya a letter! 

We have been hitting it so hard this week! We have been running a ton of meetings and we have been living the law of sacrifice in order to make everything run smoothly. I honestly haven't slept this week, but God always keeping me moving! ha 

We are working with all diligence in our area and right now we are teaching some lovely families. A family of 7, who aren't progressing the way that we have been hoping, but slowly and surely are progressing. We had a family of 6 at church this last Sunday and they loved it. I have felt the spirit so hard during the lessons with them. My companion and I found them in the perfect time of their lives and they are progressing incredible fast. The only thing is that the mom was married before and so we are working out on a divorce with a member who knows a lawyer. It breaks my heart to see these dumb laws destroy spiritual progress. This situation is bringing up the same feelings that I had when I was in Villa Nueva and a family we were teaching couldn't be baptized because the wife got married when she was 16. This wife of the family we are teaching right now was married, by force, at the age of 13. The lawyer is already involved and he is going to take care of everything so this family can we baptized in 3 to 5 months... I won't be there but sometimes you just won't be able to see all the results of your labor. I will keep you updated with them. 

We have another couple that we found as being guided by the spirit, it was a cool story that ill probably tell you when I get home because I am lazy, but they are just progressing wonderfully. The husband is an inactive member and the wife is just eating up the gospel. The husband loves the church but when he was in his teens he got a little lost in the world but now they are a good looking young family with two cute little girls and they are pumped about the gospel. ha 

Get these young kids reading Preach My Gospel! Who wrote preach my gospel? Prophets and Apostles. Who wrote the Bible and the Book of Mormon? Prophets and Apostles! Preach my Gospel is scripture! Its written to make you a successful missionary. That book is the biggest blessing as a missionary. Have them be focused on reading and studying Preach My Gospel. Have them understand the doctrines found in in chapter 3 and help them live and internalize them. "You cant convert someone past your own conversion." The first convert that you will have on our mission is you! Have dad get them pumped out of their minds with all of his stories! Get Caitlyn there also to give a great testimony! Gosh I would love to share with kids about mission work! There is nothing that can beat it! 

I was listening to a talk the other day by Neal A Maxwell that was incredible. Its called, "Swallowed Up in the Will of The Father". Neal A Maxwell talks about discipleship and about consecration. What type of disciples are we? He broke it down into three types,
1- Those who understand that they are short from the glory of God and they do all in their power to know His grace. 
2- Those who are honorable but are not valiant. Keep the commandments and ordinances but are most often times falling short with the sins of omission (what we don't do) instead of commission (the obvious sins that we shouldn't commit, don't steal, commit adultery etc..). 
3- Those who are grossly entangled with the ungodliness of the world. 

He speaks a lot about how we need to make the differences to move from the type 2 person to become a type 1 person. We need to become valiant disciples of Christ and become consecrated to His will.  "These omissions signify a lack of qualifying fully for the celestial kingdom. Only greater consecration can correct these omissions,which have consequences just as real as do the sins of commission. Many of us thus have sufficient faith to avoid the major sins of commission, but not enough faith to sacrifice our distracting obsessions or to focus on our omissions." The gospel of Jesus Christ is not a list of "do nots", but a process of a changing heart, changing your heart and will to become the will of Gods. Its not a passive act but an act of valiance. "Consecration, likewise, is not shoulder-shrugging acceptance, but, instead, shoulder-squaring to better bear the yoke." Lets be better! Lets look to build up the kingdom of God and do all our best to live the law of consecration! Let visit our neighbors who aren't going to church! Lets be better disciples! I invite you guys to listen to this talk! Its a good one! 

Well its always good to hear from you guys! Thanks for all the help! I love you family!! 

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