Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015


So... Two of our baptisms fell through! That sucked! But we will baptize them different weeks. One had to leave out of town and the other drank cofee... ha 

I got my companion, Elder Martinez! I am not going to lie it's been soo hard! It's been testing my patience like none other! I have been trying to endure with patience. He only has 2 weeks more than me and is always trying to put dominion over me in weird ways because he is the senior companion. But I just do my best to stay humble and teachable and it turns out good. It's really hard, but the Lord put us together for a reason.. and I am just trying to be humble before him. 

The language barrier has been interesting. I can get my point across and stuff but I can't express emotion. It's really aggravating. Buts I'm learning!

The lamina hut where the family Pop live.
We had a CRAZY MIRACLE! The family Pop, the lady who I wrote about who had a vision that her daughter would be healed if she went to our church. They got baptized and 3 days after their baptism they had to rush their handicapped daughter to the hospital. They did a test on her and the doctor said that it was fatal and that they needed to do an expensive surgery and she would probably die. The father, Timoteo told the doctor to do the test again. The same result. Then with faith, Timoteo told the doctor to do the test again. Because of his faith in Jesus Christ, and his faith in the blessing that Elder Hintze gave, the doctor came back and said that the results were completely fine. And that his daughter was fine. There have been many other miracles that happened that day that I can't write them all. Family Pop is still walking an hour and a half to church. They are in deep debt because of the hospital.Timoteo is working all day, except one hour, and during that one hour we visit them. They are the most faithful family I've ever seen in my whole life. Timoteo is starving himself but he's still praising God for the miracle of his daughter. Last time I saw them the daughter was now moving one of her arms.

Which is absolutely incredible. I know God still is a God of miracles. I know angles administered to us in this day. I have seen things that I could never deny. I love this gospel. Never take the priesthood for granted.

Love you all!

Elder Buhrley

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