Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 9, 2015

I'm sitting at a computer where the keyboard only works if you hit it really hard in the right way and it's the most frustrating thing ever...  ha ha.

Guatemala is great! We baptized this past Sunday, Luis Pu! He is the brother of Pablo who we baptized a few weeks earlier. He is the swaggiest kid ever. He took of my plaque and put it on his pocket and was like, "I'm Elder Pu", and started verifying my reading in the Book of Mormon and stuff and it was soo funny! He is a future missionary!

Elder Hintze dies tomorrow. He ends his mission and it's the weirdest thing ever! He is the coolest guy ever, so if anyone wants to hook my brother up with some food or a date, the name's Doug Hintze at BYU. haha.  Dang it's going to be sad without him. There are only a few  guys I have ever known who have taught me more than that guy. I love him. Feed him lots. And to get even more depressing..... the mango season is over... So sad... I will be receiving a Latino companion tomorrow so that will be awesome! My Spanish is good but I want to speak perfect Spanish. I'm excited. 

The field is white.. My gosh it is sooooo cool to see the Lord preparing people. We are teaching a lot of families that have a baptism date so I'm really excited to see that. There are so many miracles going on here and I feel so blessed to be able to witness them, and then be that tool in the Lord's hands to work them. I love the mission!

Elder Buhrley

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