Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015

This week was a good one!
It's going to be a short letter! We just worked our butts off this week. My papi chulo, Elder Hintze, is ending his mission this next week... So he has been killing me pretty good. I love it. I'm going to miss him soo much. He is such a stud.. Mom and Dad, I sort of promised him that you guys would feed him a few times. ha so have fun!

We didn't have a baptism this weekend but we have some really cool investigators. Patulul is such a blessed place. Everyone is soo tight here. I love em! For P Day we went on a hike and had a picnic as a district and we found some armadillo hunters. so i had to take a pic. ha 

Cool spiritual thing. I didn't manage my money very well. We had to pay for a wedding and everyone was having birthday, and being a gringo missionary you have to bring cake. It's like an unwritten rule. So Elder Hintze and I didnt have any money at the end of this month. We had 10 bucks. We decided to put aside our money for our fast offering and put our trust in the lord. Its was so awesome! We usually have to pay 15 quetz every lunch but everyday this last week we had a member provide us with food. That never happened the weeks before! We honestly didn't pay for anything this last week and it was such a testimony builder! When you put the lord first he truely does take care of you. 
Love you all! 

Elder Buhrley

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