Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 23, 2015


This week has been eventful! We are working hard here in Patulul! It's so different with a new companion. It's been hard to try to get used to everything with him but I think we are at a good place. Don't have much to say! Just working hard and enjoying it all!

This week is the hottest week of the year. They have a name for it because it is so hot. So that's been nice. haha I sweat 24 hours during the day. 

We baptized a little girl named Julissa! She is awesome! Her older sister is a member so we met her and told her to go to church and at church she was like. "Please baptize me!!!" haha I was like... "Okay!" so two weeks later we baptized her! ha. She is soo funny and is going to be a good member. 

Besides that we are just looking for news. It's been fun but so frustrating. I loved teaching with Elder Hintze (my old companion) and just getting used to my new companion is so hard.  I have been praying a lot for guidance on what to do with my companion. I was reading in Preach My Gospel and it talks about charity. Please read these two chapters, 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and Moroni 7 44-48. This scriptures are so strong and totally changed the way I look at my companion. Charity is a gift from God. It is the most important thing to have. James could move mountains but if he didn't have charity it didn't mean anything. I love how it says, when we die, those who died with charity, will meet Christ and realize that they aren't so different from him. Who doesn't want that? I want to meet my maker and realize that we are best buds. Ha. I fasted for the gift of charity and it made such a big difference in my relationship with my companion. Don't get me wrong, I want to slap him around every once in a while, but it's getting better. Slowly but surely. It's been a refiner's fire but I growing. I am really understanding a lot about marriage. It's so stupid, but true. If I can handle this I can handle my wife. I'm learning patience, endurance, love, and problem solving skills. haha 
The mission is such a rollercoaster! But I'm loving it! It's so hard but it's hard for a reason. I am learning so much everyday. The mission is a blessing. Someone shared the quote, The mission doesn't change people, The atonement of Christ changes them. And it's so true. I love I am being changed and bettered. I love you all! Thanks everyone!

I love the pix! How awesome! Man, Bear Lake looks so good! Enjoy it enough for me! I love you guys so much! 
Love the sports updates Dad! Ha, I miss sports. My body is straight wrecked. I don't think my knees will ever get better, or my back, or my shoulder. It's just so annoying and I don't know why I can't just be healed up already. Thanks for everything! I should be getting the package this Thursday that you guys sent!

Elder Buhrley

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