Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015


This week has been a blast! So much has happened! It was soo much fun!
I don't know where to begin...
We are working like crazy and seeing the fruits of our labor. It's been such a blessing. We are going to be baptizing a beautiful family this Sunday! So excited! We have a lot of investigators with a date for their baptism so let's just pray they don't fall through!

Elder Martinez and I are now best friends. We sat down during companionship study one day and just talked it all out. It was probably the best thing ever. A true answer to my prayers. God has been blessing me with patience and charity and I feel it. 

Today we had interviews with President. How much fun are interviews during the mission?! At home I dreaded interviews! Now they are like the funnest things ever! I learn so much and President Markham uses the gift of discernment and knows everything. I went in with a question and I didn't even have to ask it; he just sat there and told me the answer to my question. The Holy Ghost is incredible. 

I received my package!!!!!!!! Thank you Brook and Gretchen! I compare receiving a package to Christmas day. I'ts awesome! The other day i ripped a hole straight through the bottom of my shoes... so that was sad. I took them to a guy yesterday and got some new soles on them. I am wearing my shoes down. WE WALK SO MUCH! ha I  love it!

I love hearing from you all. So great to hear you guys are spending time together. I bore testimony the other night about family home evening. I just said, "I will always remember my parents trying to have family home evening. Did I want to do it? No. But we would sing a little, pray, and talk about the gospel a little, and then eat something good. This thing is not something big. But it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. My family isn't perfect, but no family is. But one thing we have always done, is try to follow Christ, and we have been blessed." I got to go on and bare testimony about how the parents can be an example and help their kids in righteous ways. (Disclaimer from Gretchen:  I had to laugh a little when I read this part as FHEs were often a struggle for us.  I'm glad that ANY efforts we made were noticed and appreciated.)

The Lord truly blesses and helps us. The Holy Ghost is our best friend. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He will help you in everything. Like any good gentleman, he will come when he is invited and stay when he is appreciated. We need to appreciate him. He is guidance directly from God. He only says things that will help us. We need to LEARN TO LISTEN, AND LISTEN TO LEARN. I love the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life. 

Thanks everyone for all the support!

Elder Buhrley

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