Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015


I always sit down at the computer and forget what happened this past week. Ha

We had a really good week. We saw some really cool miracles and we sacrificed to see miracles. We worked out heart out and got rejected again but it's all good because we found the people that the Lord has been preparing.

We have some people who are progressing but THEY DIDN'T GO TO CHURCH! We had 11 people who told us to pass by their house so we could go to church together but ALL of them had an excuse... I was so torn in church. If you don't go to church you can't get baptized! It was a really rough Sunday because only 2 of our investigators went.. It really hurts to be working your tail off and not being able to see the fruits of your labor. Sunday was a rough one..

We had a few people set to get baptized this week but can't do it now because they didn't go to church. It's been really hard to baptize in these last few weeks.

One thing that happened was that we went to Walmart for a zone p-day. You read that right. We got pumped up as a zone to go visit a Walmart. It was my first time stepping foot in a Walmart in over 9 months. It was cool to see some of the food that I ate so often before the mission. ha

We had a lesson with a pastor of a Evangelical church. He was crazy! He wanted to Bible bash at first and I have learned that you don't want to do that. Bible bashing really is just your opinion of what the scripture means against how he interpreted the scripture. I just told him, "If you want to Bible bash, we will leave right now. It will waste our time and yours. We have a message to share, if you want to listen, we will stay." He told us he would listen so we shared a little with him. He then went on to tell us that he had fasted for 37 days and saw God and Christ one day and that he is a prophet. So that was a cool lesson. I'm finding a lot of people like that now a days. ha

Spiritual thought. If we aren't enjoying the gospel its because we aren't living it, or living it but not living it correctly. God made a plan and His plan is perfect. The goal of this plan is happiness. That's Gods desire for us. The plan is His Gospel. We need to follow the plan in order to find the happiness! Follow the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us and you will find happiness! You need to follow it with you heart. There are many people who go to church but don't go to bring themselves closer to Christ. Many people read the scriptures but don't meditate in the scriptures. I invite you all to find the joy in the gospel!

I love you guys so much! Here is a photo of one of the 4 volcanoes that we can see from our house that was spitting lava the other night!

Love you all,

Elder Buhrley


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