Friday, November 6, 2015

November 3, 2015

Dang this week was one heck of one!

Happy Halloween! The Guatemalans don't celebrate Halloween so that was a bummer.. Man I love Halloween! They celebrate the Day of the Dead, which is just a big excuse to get drunk, just like any other celebration here. But we got to take the young men to the cemetery this Saturday to look for their ancestors for baptisms for the dead so that wasn't too bad.

Man this last week was soo hard! My companion and I (Elder Duran) have been working our butts off. We are waking up extra early to get out of the house extra early to find people. We have been killing ourselves, but we are getting rejected! As President Markham tells me, "Elder Buhrley, get used to rejection because you will be getting rejected by all the girls after the mission too!" haha but really it was a really rough week. It gets frustrating when you are working so hard and then you can't see any fruit from your labors. But we suffered with patience and we saw some awesome miracles! We didn't find hardly anyone until Saturday but on Saturday found a ton of new investigators! My companion and I were dancing our way home that night.  Haha, it felt soooo good! But the Day of the Dead was Sunday, so everyone thought it was a good excuse to not go to church. Only half of the attendees went that normally go.... 

God puts us though suffering and hard times to learn. I've learned this on my mission. We go through suffering to be worthy of the blessings. You can read in the Bible or the Book of Mormon and the joy always comes AFTER the pain or suffering. Like with Alma the son and how he received forgiveness of his sins. He never feels so much pain and anguish, then after he never felt so much joy. God puts us through the hard as he is preparing the good. 

Also some stuff has been going on in the district. I love my district! They are all soo awesome! I have a pair of Elders and Hermanas (Sisters). One of the sister's grandma, whom she lived with before the mission, passed away. Man that was so hard! She is soo awesome, though, so she has been using it to push herself even harder. Sometimes is hard to get along because of pride. It really sucks. We are doing divisions today and I am going to really show em how to love their companions. That's one thing that I am learning here. GOTTA LOVE YOUR COMPANION:) 

I love my companion. Elder Duran. He is soo awesome. We laugh so much and are working really hard. I am loving this change! 

I found Egg Nog. Wow I was so pumped. That stuff sent me way back to the days at home!

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Buhrley

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