Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Dang I cannot believe I am writing again!

This change is coming to an end and we will receive a call tomorrow to see if I am leaving Palin or if I will be here to complete 6 months here in Palin! I am feeling like I am leaving but I guess we will see!

This change flew by soooo fast. I didn't feel it at all. I learned so many things in these past 6 weeks. This only thing I regret is that we didn't baptize anyone this change... Man that hurts. It gets so discouraging when you work your hardest and it's not working out. Frustrating. I am so ready for this next change. Start over again new. 

Something that's going on is that my companion and I are doing a commercial about the church and about the missionaries here in Palin. The ward mission leader works for a local TV station and he called us  and said that he wants everyone to know the missionaries and the church. So Elder Duran and I are going to have an interview with him and be able to share testimony; it will be kind of cool. We will be famous. haha

Spiritual thought... I have been really studying the doctrine of conversion lately. It's really an incredible thing. It doesn't happen over night. It doesn't happen in a grand spiritual experience either. Like Alma, he saw an angel, but wasn't converted until he prayed much and fasted much to know through the Holy Ghost. Paul from the Bible saw the resurrected Christ but when he explains to the Corinthianss he says that only through the Holy Ghost you may know. It's so true. Conversion takes place though and only through the Holy Ghost. I have felt the power of the conversion power, in myself and also in my investigators and converts. We are working with a guy and he has smoked for over 55 years and is now almost there to stopping completely. When I found him he was smoking multiple packs a day and yesterday he smoked a half but then he threw it out his window. I see the conversion process in him. He is soo close to being baptized! Also his wife! I am excited for them. I invite you all to strengthen the conversion of yourself. As with the people of King Benjamin, you will not have a desire to sin. The desire of sin is swallowed up in the desire to follow Christ and being closer to him. Alma 22:15-"I will give up all of my sins to know the(God)." To be more converted we must give up all of our sins. Through repentance we can come to know our Savior and have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

Wel.. I love you guys so much!!! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Buhrley

PS  We played ping pong. The last place I played was in the Criddle house :.....(

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