Friday, January 8, 2016

December 29, 2015

This week was awesome! 
 We baptized! It was Christmas! It was a solid week. I got to see the fam! They all look so good! Made me really pumped to go and work my guts out! 

Christmas was alright! Its not the same as it was at home but it was really funny! Elder Duran and I ate ourselves sick! Everyone gave us soo much food to eat! I never thought I could have shoveled that much food into my mouth. And now Elder Duran and I are preparing ourselves for the 31st to die again! We are allowed to be in the house of someone in the bishopric until 12:30. We went to the house of the familia juarez. We got there and my companion and I are pretty sure that they were fighting just moments before we entered because there was a really tense feeling. We didn't want to spend too much time there so we left at 11:30 and went to our house and climbed the roof and watched all of Palin explode at 12. haha. It was soo awesome! They love fireworks here. It was something else!  
We baptized Flor Rocke. The family story is really sad.. The dad died about 2 years ago. Her brother was diagnosed with a mind disease that makes him lose capability to remember things that happened just a few seconds prior about a year and a half ago. The other brother died about 8 months ago. The mom died a month later from cancer. And now Flor is living with her 2 sisters, one which is pregnant at age 19, and her brother who is slowly losing his mind. Dang I've never experienced or witnessed a harder situation. 
This Christmas was something really special. I really got to focus in completely on the real meaning of Christmas. I love Jesus Christ. I feel like I am coming to know him more and more everyday. I know that he loves me, and that he loves all of you. He made it very clear when he put himself in the way of the bullet of damnation for us. He took upon himself the pain of eternal suffering for us. I love my Savior. I encourage you all to study the scriptures more and look for the character of Jesus Christ. He is an absolutely perfect man. I am eternally grateful for him. 


Elder Buhrley

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