Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Hey everyone! 

This week was a really solid one. I am really excited about this area. We have been finding a lot of really great families and I'm really pumped for them! We have Four families progressing! Three of them went to church and it was incredible to have them all there, and just by coincidence, our mission president, President Markham, was at our church and met them and get them all pumped about their baptism dates! It was awesome! 

Marriage is a big thing... We are experiencing the good and the bad of marriage. 

The good is that we are having 2 marriages this 30th! I am so pumped! Two of the couples are getting married the 30th and baptized the 31st! I'm so excited for them! They are people passing by on just a little bit of money right now so the Relief Society pitched in and are going to make food for the wedding and the Bishopric is buying them a cake and the Young Women are going to fancy up the chapel for the wedding! This ward is awesome! 

Now.. the bad side of marriage.
One thing about one of our families is that the wife is married to someone else.. She got married when she became pregnant at the age of 16. They lasted less than a year and  then separated and now she has been 30 years away from him but she hasn't gotten divorced and married to her *husband*. I hate Guatemala for their marriage and divorce laws. It costs about 25 dollars to get married and 1250 dollars to get divorced... It's really sad because they are a poor family. We are working right now with a lawyer to help them get divorced and he is a member so we are going to ask him to do it for cheap... I'll let you know how that goes. Please pray for the Familia Martinez!

I talked to you guys about the steps of faith in my last email and I want to talk about it again because I'm seeing miracles here in Villa Nueva!

1 Be Believing. You have to really believe in what you want. You need to pray to God and tell him that this is what you want and that you know that it is something righteous.

2 Commit Yourself. You have to be able to commit yourself completely to your desire.  Sometimes the hardest part of commitment is just telling yourself, I'll do it!'

3 Do Your Part. Fulfill with your commitment. Do all in your power to fulfill your desire and God will make up for the rest. Give it your all. Faith is action. 

4 Pray. Pray as if all depends on God, because it really does. 

5 Expect Trials of Your Faith. God will try your faith. Mosiah chapter 23 verses 21 to 22. Ether 12 verse 6. God wants to see your faithfulness through out it all. He will push us through the fire to be refined. 

6 Expect the Lord to Act. God is a God of miracles. He works miracles according to the faith of his people. We need to have the faith to expect the Lord to work something big in our lives. 

Those are the steps that I have put into play. I love this talk by Elder Cook and I invite you guys to read it. I know that God works miracles. I know that through Him we can achieve anything that we wish to achieve in our lives. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the atonement. I'm grateful for the church that Christ organized. He organized it so that we all might know what we need to do to have happiness during this life, and what we need to do return with him and live in His kingdom after this life. 

Pictures.. I took a picture with our dog again. hahaha It's the neighbor's but I claim it to be ours. The other picture is of our P day in the capital because we had to go to the eye doctor for my companion, and another companionship had to go too. It was such a lame P Day and we got lost in the Capital because their was a peace riot. haha 

I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Should out to Aunt Kara, Ally and Sophie for growing another year!!!

Elder Buhrley

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