Monday, April 25, 2016

April 19, 2016

Hey! We are seeing so many miracles! I will share the biggest from this last week! 

This last week Elder Sorto and I were set on baptizing but didn't have anyone to baptize! We then starting to work like crazy in our area book and wrote down all the people who had attendances to see if we could find a miracle with one of them. We were visiting them but then Saturday came around and we still didn't have anyone to baptize. 

Elder Cox and Elder Rosas are two elders in my zone and they had a baptism and needed me to go and do the interview. The baptismal candidate could only do it at 8pm and there wasn't a bus to get back to my area so we all thought that it would be a good idea to do divisions. So we planned on me going to the area of these Elders from Saturday to Sunday. 

Saturday morning I was just talking to Elder Cox, who is a stud, and he told me, ¨Elder Sorto and I are going to find someone in your area to baptize tomorrow!¨ and I kind of told him the same thing back and then he told me ¨Bro, I had a dream last night that your companion and I found someone today who had already gone to church and I did the interview with him and he got baptized tomorrow.¨ 

I didn't think much of it but left my area and went to work with Elder Rosas. Elder Rosas and I killed ourselves but every single one of the appointments that he planned fell through. We were getting rejected left and right, and to make things worse, during our first lesson we visited a family in an alley. There was a cat lying down in front of us and a car came driving by and ran over the cat. The cat was rolling in circles shooting blood with its eyes bulging out of its head and I just grabbed the little girl of this family and kept her from watching her cat die like that. haha it was soo bad! Then Elder Rosas and I went on for a little while longer in rejection and a druggy wanted to fight Elder Rosas! It was really funny but at the same time it sucks when you can't find a lesson!

A goat I found on P-day :)
 I then received a call from my companion, he said ¨I'm shaking! Elder Cox is doing a baptismal interview for a guy that we just found who had gone to church before!¨ Apparently Elder Sorto and Elder Cox went around in our area looking through the old investigators and went to a house looking for Octavio (old investigator) when they came across Cruz, his brother. When they entered into the house Elder Cox leaned over the my companion and told him that this was his dream. When they sat down with Cruz, a 19 year old stud, they started talking a little bit. Elder Cox in all boldness told Cruz that he had seen him in his dream last night, and that he was ready and prepared to be baptized. They challenged him to get baptized the next day and Cruz accepted. It was sooo crazy! What a miracle! God really is preparing people for his gospel in many different ways. It was awesome seeing Cruz get baptized. God really does work miracles in the lives of the faithful. Do you have enough faith to see a miracle today?
I love you guys! Look for the miracles in your life! 

Elder Buhrley

My Zone

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