Thursday, April 21, 2016

March 22, 2016

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I cant believe im soo old! 

This week was really good! I am going to keep the letter short! We have been working really hard and its been a lot of fun. I love mission work.

The change is ending this next week but ill be staying here. I'm so excited about what this next change has in store!  

My spiritual thought is from what I was reading in D & C 88:65-80ish. I can't really remember the verses perfectly. What it talks about is being full of light. To be full of light we have to put our minds in the glory of God. Change our minds to be in line with Gods will. God gives a pretty stern statement, ´Sanctify yourselves´. and then it goes on the says that the commandment from God is to rid yourselves of bad thoughts. I really don't know how it all goes because I read it in Spanish and now I'm trying to translate the general message. ha but I loved these scriptures. We all need to fix our minds, master of our minds. What we think really means everything. Where our thoughts are are where are actions are. God wants us to sanctify our thoughts and he will will fill us full of light. I love that promise. It's an incredible promise that I have felt in my life as I have been serving, where you just know exactly what to say to help someone. Where you just feel led by the Holy Ghost to a place where someone needed to hear from you. Sanctify yourselves by sanctifying your thoughts. I'm not perfectly sanctified but the difference that I have experimented is incredible.

Love you all! Thanks for everything! 

Elder Buhrley

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