Monday, April 25, 2016

March 30, 2016

Hey! Easter passed and I literally forgot that it was Easter! I just knew that all the Catholics were burning everything but it never crossed my mind that you all were looking for eggs and eating chocolate. haha

This week was awesome! We had changes! I am going to miss Elder Guzman! That guy is a stud. I learned so much with him. I am now with Elder Sorto! We entered the mission together and always said that we were going to be companions and now we are! We are so excited! Get ready for some baptism photos! ;)

My birthday was fun! Ate cake with some recent converts families that I absolutely love! 

I really don't have much to say. I love the mission. I love life! Sorry I am so lame that I can't think of anything right now. I need to write down what I am going to say in my weekly emails.. haha

I love you guys! Thanks for everything! 

Elder Buhrley

P.S.  Family:  Did you guys get the pic of my leg? hahah I fell down a rain gutter. How funny, right? We were just walking down a street and I was looking at a house to see if we should knock it or not and I took a big step into an open rain gutter. The next thing I knew I was standing in a big hole and the steet was at eye level. My companiona and I were laughing so hard and pulled myself out and we went and knocked a few doors and then we saw that I had a big gash in my leg and we laughed even harder. We walked to the nearest member's house and another member came over and gave me stitches in a tin house. haha I love Guatemala

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