Thursday, April 21, 2016

March 15, 2016


This last week was great! We had the wedding and it was awesome! We also had 2 baptisms! Karla and Ana made convenants! I hardly got to work in my area this week because iv been on the constant division trail to take care of the Elders in our zone. Elder Guzman and I killed ourselves this last week but it was a lot of fun! 

Elder Guzman and I just felt the impression to visit the house of some Elders last Wednesday and we found them in their beds watching a movie at 12:30 in the afternoon. That was the most disappointing thing. I chewed them out real good.. Then looking at them sitting in their guilt and remorse it hit me- How great is the patience of God? How patient is He with each and every one of us? I can't remember the quote perfectly but Elder Holand said once, ¨Imperfect people are the only type of people that God has had to work with."  I have a long ways to go to develop more patience and more love. I bet it would get pretty frustrating to work with me , but thank goodness that God is perfect, and He is patient with me and loves me even though I am completely imperfect. What God really wants from us is change, and thank goodness I am changing a lot! 

Something else that hit me hard this week was a lesson that we had in our area with all our recent converts (our area are only recent converts). We talked about faith and trials. We shared the scriptures in Mosiah 24:14-15. God sees fit to chasten his people to try their patience and faith. It's so true. Without trials we wouldn't be able to grow. I talked a little bit about exercise and how God is the perfect personal trainer. We get baptized and think that we are all good and God will pour out blessings over us. But we sometimes forget that the blessings only come after the trial (D and C 58:4). We will put the example that our faith is like a muscle. To grow a muscle we must work it hard and push it to the limits. When we lift weights we are actually destroying this muscle so that it grows even stronger. God puts these weights in our lives. He puts us under pressure so that we can grow strong after. He is the perfect personal trainer and only puts on our shoulders what He knows we can handle. He wants us to grow. I don't have time but that's my thought.. I can't finish it. haha 
Love you guys!

Elder Buhrley

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