Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 15, 2015

Friends and Fam!

The mishhh is going swell! I'm loving it here in Gaut on the coast. I literally sweat like crazy all the time. I wake up and can look at my bed and see where I laid because it's dark from all the sweat. It's great! But anyways.. This past week was a good one! 

These are called flete trucks and is their transportation

The hermanas in our district got 3 baptisms this past Sunday! Good work! We were going to have 2 but they fell through and it broke my heart... We were at church and it was about time to do baptisms and a member was going to baptize them... and then he was like.. I don't have clothes, how about one of the missionaries do it.. so Elder Hintze and I went and got clothes from the house and I got to baptize. It was fun! Kindof still is a bummer tho because they were our investigators! but oh well.
Patulul is crazy fun! Everyone here is so funny. I walk down the streets and just yell at them and they love it. "Buenas Dias Hermana!!!! Les Amamos!!" And they just yell back and tell me that God is great. haha. Everyone here is all sorts of different religions, but they are all crazy about God and Jesus Christ. 

We have changes in a week!! How crazy is that! These past 5 weeks have just blown by. But I'm pretty sure I'm staying in Patulul with my companion.. I really hope I do at least. 
They'd totally be illegal here, but that's 
how they roll in Guatemala
I had a interview with Prez yesterday. It was awesome! I have been fasting and praying for something that I read about it the scriptures to help with the mission work. And I was going to ask him about it during our interview, Before I could ask he just went off about exactly what I was looking for. That guy is so tight. Love President Markham. 
Well! Thanks everyone for all the support! Not to exciting of a week this past week! Just a lot of work!
les amo!

Elder Buhrley

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