Sunday, April 19, 2015

March 10, 2015

This week has been pretty uneventful like normal! haha. it's been fun though. I have been working my tail off and have seen the hand of the Lord in my life.

Last Tuesday we went to the market and handed out Book of Mormons and got to shop. It was awesome. I got a sweet new tie. I missed food so much that when we got to Wendy's I ate 2 combos... I'm getting fat;) but my companion and I only landed one Book of Mormon. It's really hard. We only had like 30 minutes to try to place em so that made it difficult. The guy who took our book only had like 3 teeth.. and my Spanish isn't very good. It's  better than my companion's so I just sat there and could pick up maybe one word out of 10.. and I would have to come up with something to say. haha.  I heard him say cross once, so i just taught about the death of Christ and the restoration and he took it well and took our book. haha soo hard....  

While we were shopping a guy selling things kept telling me to get something for my "esposa", which means wife, and so I'm now the only married elder at the mtc according to everyone.
sooo awesome. so.. 

I kind of spill everything on my white surprise there... but there is an old lady who works here and she got all the stains out of my shirts!! Praise the heavens! ;) I recently talked to a Latino about my mission because he lives there and he kept telling me that I will baptize thousands. apparently the mission prez wants 15 a months or something.. ha the Latino was talking fast and my Spanish is terrible but I'm soo pumped. I'm ready to baptize em all!

Sundays in the mtc are the best. This Sunday we watched a devotional from Elder Holland, who is my hero, and it made me so pumped. can't wait to get out in the field. I don't plan on understanding the people but I will work my but off and hopefully they will understand that and that I love em to death. ha love you guys! thanks for all the support! I pray about you all!

Elder Buhrley

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