Sunday, April 19, 2015

February 10, 2015

The MTC is so crazy! 

I have learned so much I feel like my head is going to explode! It's been so hard but I think I am finally starting to understand some of the things the Latinos are trying to say to me.. haha.  My first few days they would try to talk to me and I would just say "lo siento" which is "I'm sorry" and I walk away or nod my head and say Si. haha They just make fun of me. 

The past few days I have been talking to two Latinos and they are honestly sooo funny. Elder
Pineda and Elder Garcia. They remind me of like Hayden Fillmore and Caden Cluff. They make me laugh so hard. My companion is pretty tight, his name is Elder Stiles. Made me laugh so hard when I found out that we were companions because it just reminded me of Brynn and her love for Harry Stiles. haha 

They made me get a haircut when I first got here. I have no idea why because I already had my hair really short but the guy was soo bad. He is no Sadie Trowbridge. While he was cutting my hair he pulled out his phone and started texting people. He wasn't even looking at me! My companion was laughing so hard. 

They took our cameras so we can't really send pictures but when I get out in the field I will be sure to send tons! 

The language sucks.. I don't know where the gifts of tongues is but I'm sure praying for it a lot. It's
crazy having to study all day everyday. My brain is fried all the time, but I'm learning so much. The Hermanas love me. They call me Cristoff from Frozen for some reason. It makes me laugh. All the guys I have met I have come to love. I've got a buddy from Hawaii, Elder Mengelea. We are bro's. I'm trying to talk him into coming to Utah to play football with me after the mission. He played at Kahuku high school. I'm a District Leader and I honestly have no idea why. haha It's
fun but the meetings I have to go to are all in Spanish and I have no idea what anyone is saying.. haha 

I'm loving it here. Sundays are the best. It's all in English so I actually know what they are talking
about so that is nice. 

I love all of you guys and I feel your prayers! Thanks for all the support! -Elder Buhrley

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