Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 7, 2015

This week has been crazy!

This past week was Semana Santa which means Holy Week. People are so crazy! The kids run through the streets with machetes and Halloween masks and it makes no sense. There are so many parades and street art, so that was cool. They also like to do fireworks at 3 in the morning.. so that was also cool... not!

General Conference was legit! We got to watch it in English! Saturday session was kinda dumb at parts... they talked about marriage sooo much. and I just sat there and was like, I'm on a mission.. haha.   But then on Sunday they put down some awesome talks about the Savior! Gosh that was soo sweet. We got some investigators to the church to watch too. It was good!

So this last week we were teaching some people that we played basketball with on p-day in the church. We were showing the restoration video of Joseph Smith. A girl came in and started kissing everyone on the cheek. and I didn't know what to do. So I stuck my arm out and kept it as straight as I could to give her a hand shake, and she grabbed my hand and when in for a kiss! I just sat there and didn't know what to do and my companion was like "NOOOOO" and she stopped and didn't kiss me. haha Elder Hintze saved my life that day.

I got over being sick and that was sooo great. Being sick on the mission is not fun. We sleep in a mosquito net and I kept waking up in the sleep and throwing up in my mosquito net because you can't see it in the dark. ha but I'm better! Working is so much better than being sick!

This p-day we went to a place in our area that had crocodiles and alligators! How crazy is that!? It was sweet. There were some big boys. My companion took some sweet pics of me wrestling one;) Guatemala is crazy. The other day we were teaching a lesson and a pig the size of a cow just walks in the room. It was probably the biggest thing I have ever seen. And the people were like.. "That's our pig." hahah They are crazy here! I love em like crazy tho. 
I love it here. The Guatemala City Central mission is so special. They are sooo strict here but that is only because the only way that miracles happen is through perfect obedience. We are an exactly obedient mission and it is such a blessing. We receive so many blessings from obedience. I have been learning so much about life while I've been here on the mission. I see the older guys here and it makes me feel so pumped. I know this mission is making me into something that I could have never been without it. 

Remember everyone, God loves you. Follow him will all you can and you will be blessed. That's a promise.
Love you guys!!
Elder Buhrley

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