Sunday, April 19, 2015

March 24, 2015

Hey people!
This week was soo crazy...

The first house I knocked was my first baptism. I baptized her on my birthday. How many missionaries can say that?! The lord is blessing me in so many ways out here. My birthday was sooo great! I baptized two people and that was soo much fun! Kind of crazy too because my companion and I are opening this area after it has been closed for a little bit. Also two families that we have become friends with got me cakes for my birthday and we partied after a lesson to their investigator friends. haha so I had twice the birthday I would have had at home. It's a Guatemala thing to push the person's head into the cake.. so I got that twice. haha It's been so much fun being able to be here in the mission. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and I literally don't understand anything that people say, but I know I'm making a difference and that's what feels so good. 
The best thing in the world is a mango from Patalul, Gautama. They are sooo good! I'm loving the food here. We have eaten some pretty sketchy things but my body is being a champ. I weighed myself this last week and I gained 10 pounds from the mtc. Great success. 

I am so tired all the time! In one of the pictures I took it says its 3:45.. that's in the morning. We had to wake up at 3 that day to go to a meeting in the capital. It's crazy but I always have enough energy and I know that's because of my Father in Heaven. This are going great! 

Thanks everyone for the prayers and support! It's been really special! 
I really hoped I clicked the right pictures to share. It's hard to see on this small screen. 

Elder Buhrley

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